When to Hire a Virtual Design Assistant

As a young Interior Designer making my way through design school and eventually working through the NCIDQ certification process I was always under the impression that being a good Interior Designer meant doing it all. I mean, you learn a lot in school and then through experience on how to complete a design project from start to finish, so being able to do it all on your own makes you a successful Interior Designer right?

Nope, sure doesn’t, and I wish it hadn’t taken me 15 years in this business to realize I don’t enjoy every aspect of the design process and that that’s OK. I know that I can rock many aspects of working through a project, especially anything design software based, but trying to figure out a marketing strategy makes my brain want to explode and sourcing items for other people takes me hours of hunting for perfection and I still question if there is something better out there. So as a business owner myself I’m thinking there has got to be a better, more time efficient way to accomplish everything that needs to get done so we can all make our clients dreams come true.

And then 2020 rolled around and the world shut down and everything went virtual and I was introduced to this concept of a virtual design assistant. A like minded, skilled, degreed interior designer who can help me accomplish the pieces of the project puzzle that I don’t want to do or don’t have time to do! And then it hit me, that there are probably people out there that despise sitting in front of a computer all day clicking away at an autocad drawing or who get overwhelmed by 3D rendering programs or who are so overloaded that they could do it if they wanted to but there just isn’t enough time in the day. And so I introduced “To the Trade” services to CDHardesty Designs, which allows me to fill my day doing what I most enjoy all the while helping other designers nail their presentations!

So if you find yourself not enjoying, not interested in trying to learn something new or just don’t have time to do it yourself then I invite you let me assist you in taking some of the project load off of your plate with my assistance in the following designer to designer services:

3D Renderings utilizing Sketchup and the EDesign Tribe Rendering Software

Contruction Drawings and Floor Plans utilizing Autocad

Elevations utilizing Autocad and 2D Photoshop Rendering

Concept Boards and Graphic Design utilizing Photoshop and InDesign

If you have any more questions I’d love to hear from you!  My name is Cassidy Hardesty, and I am an NCIDQ certified interior designer, providing presentation materials to other Interior Designers and access to my 15 years of NCIDQ Certified designer knowledge and experience.

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