A Little About My Interior Design Background

I have always known I wanted to be an Interior Designer. My childhood years were spent arranging the perfect Barbie house and sketching out house plans, so I guess I have always had a passion for space planning! By the time I high school rolled around there was no doubt still that is what I wanted to do with my life. I was lucky to have the opportunity to have the University of Kentucky so close to my hometown and even better they had an awesome College of Design and was NCIDQ accredited. Because when I got to school, I learned that my ultimate goal as an Interior Design student would be to become a Certified Interior Designer.

What does it really mean to be a certified interior designer you may ask or how is being a certified interior designer beneficial to my clients?  It means that I have met the education and experience requirements to sit for and pass the rigorous interior design licensing exam. It shows that I have knowledge in all aspects of interior design including health codes, safety practices, and professional standards in addition to having a great eye for the finished design of an environment. While it is not a requirement for the interior design professional to be licensed, it shows that I am committed to be the best interior designer I can be and I cant be more proud to have accomplished a goal that so few in the interior design field receive.

Cassidy Hardesty NCIDQ
Interior Designer
Noblesville, IN
Cassidy Hardesty NCIDQ
Interior Designer
Noblesville, IN

In 2005 I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from the University of Kentucky, married my high school sweetheart David and we started on our professional journey together in St. Louis, MO.  Here I started my career as a retail store designer for a company that is headquartered there.  Even though we have since made moves for David’s career to West Palm Beach, FL, Branson, MO and finally Noblesville, IN I was still able to keep my position as a retail store designer, working remotely for 12 years. This allowed me to continue my experience in th

With each move came a new place to live and new projects for me to be creative in the places we called home.  After 9 moves, 3 beautiful children and spending the last 5 years working on 2 whole house updates , I put my foot down, we are staying put, no more moving!!

So that brings me to present day and the purpose of this blog.  I am excited to announce that with my family finally being grounded in one spot I feel like the time is now to start a journey that has been a goal of mine for a long time. My passion is to express myself creatively and make other people love the space they live in. What better way to do that than by starting my own business, CDHardesty Designs!   Be it large or small, If you are interested in starting an interior design project, I offer a variety of Residential Interior Design Services to meet your life and style, local to Noblesville, Fishers, Carmel and Westfield, IN, as well as Commercial Interior Design Services to meet the needs of your employees or customers. Don’t live in Indiana? No problem! Because of my extensive experience in remote commercial design I can offer remote residential interior design service too! Better known as eDesign.

Not sure what edesign is? Learn more HERE on how its different from in person Interior Design.

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